Souvenir horseshoe

And so in the yard this year is about to pass and the New will come under the face of the Blue Wooden Horse, but if you turn to the Chinese horoscope, it says that if this is the year of the Wooden Horse (as you know: the tree is green), then he considered Green. In addition, a horseshoe is considered a good sign in the New Year.
From time immemorial, a different rumor has been said about the horseshoe, but its main essence is that it protects your home and your family from evil spirits. So why don’t you protect your friends and relatives from all evil spirits by presenting them with a souvenir horseshoe for the New Year, which you will make yourself, and without spending a lot of effort.
All you need is a good mood, good spirit, a little creativity. Also, do not forget to stock up with such materials and tools as: scissors, a thread with a needle, a half meter satin ribbon (preferably green or blue, because this year will be held under the good patronage of these two colors), glue, multi-colored sequins, a red ribbon of 5 centimeters for a bow , cardboard as the basis for your souvenir horseshoe, a simple pencil. All sizes are written relatively, you select them, correlating with the size of your horseshoe.

We take a pencil and draw a horseshoe shape on a cardboard and cut it out.

Now we take a blue or green satin ribbon and begin to wrap it (tight) around, for the time being, a cardboard horseshoe, moreover, we do not forget to fix the ribbon to the cardboard on both sides with a thread and a needle.

Then we make a bow, for this we take a red ribbon and double it and fold it in the middle with a thread. When it is ready, we sew it in the middle to the horseshoe.

Now the turn has come and sequins. Sequins of the same color can be glued around the entire horseshoe, and then add other colors, but in such a way that it all looks neat, tasteful and unobtrusive.

Such a gift will not remain on the sidelines and will greatly delight its future home owners, apart from the fact that it will be able to preserve the spirit and success with success.