Japanese hair ornament - Kansashi

Recently, Kanzashi jewelry has become fashionable not only in the countries of the rising sun, but also in many countries of Europe, women began to get involved in the art of creating jewelry from satin ribbons. There are many techniques for folding ribbons to form petals for kanzashi flowers. In this article, you will learn how to decorate a crocodile hair clip with your own hands in a simple technique.
You will need:
• Satin ribbons 5 cm wide in blue and white.
• Candle or lighter.
• Scissors.
• Moment glue is transparent.
• Ruler.
• Beads, rhinestones, decorative stones, anything for the middle of the flower.
• Crocodile hair clip.
• Marker or felt-tip pen.
• Tweezers.
• Cardboard.
• Needle with thread.
Step one. Cut the ribbons into squares (21 blue, 10 white). Burn the edges of the tape with fire so that it does not open.

Step Two Fold the squares from the ribbon as shown in the photo below, forming a petal. The junction of all corners is seared and pressed with your fingers so that the workpiece does not fall apart.

Step Three Cut a circle out of cardboard with a diameter of about 3 cm. On both sides of the circle, glue the blue tape, burn the edges.

Step Four Glue the circle to the hairpin. To hold it tighter, you can wrap the hairpin together with a circle with a strip of ribbon of the same color and stick it.

Step Five Now sew all the petals together. String first 6 petals of white color, and then 9 petals of blue. Glue the flower to the cardboard base. Glue rhinestones, beads or pebbles in the middle. You can use tweezers for this.

Step Six To make the flower look even more interesting, glue more petals, forming a flower similar to that in the photo below.

Seventh step. After the glue has dried well, you can cut the thread which you collected the petals. Or do not do this if the middle of the flower closes the threads. Everything, the kanzashi flower is ready and now this decoration can be worn in the hair.

Such an accessory can be a good gift to a friend or sister, for example. Kanzashi can be worn both on a holiday and on a weekday. Such flowers can be glued not only to the crocodile hair clip, but also to the hoop, hair elastic, invisibility, hairpins, etc. From small flowers you can create earrings, rings, necklaces. It will look beautiful as a brooch.