Homemade device for planting garlic in the country

This simple home-made device is intended for planting garlic or other garden crops, and is useful to all summer residents (both beginners and experienced) who want to facilitate their work on the site. You can make such a "helper" from improvised materials that are at hand.

The first step is to make a small rectangular frame with dimensions of approximately 150x110 mm. If necessary, the dimensions can be made by others - at your discretion. To make a frame, we will use a profile pipe 20x20 mm. Cut four pieces at an angle of 45 degrees, and weld.

After welding, you will need to clean the welds on the frame with a grinder with a flap grinding wheel. In two sections of the profile, we drill through holes, into which we screw and weld a stud or bolt.


From an old handle from a shovel (or other garden tool) we cut a piece 70-80 mm long. If the handle is not at hand, you can use a wooden block, which will need to give a rounded shape. You will also need to saw off a handle of a suitable length.

Using the center finder (or by eye), we determine the middle of the workpieces, and drill a hole. Then we cut the thread to the diameter of the studs, which are welded to the frame from shaped pipes. We wind the wooden blanks on the studs.

Details on how to make a simple home-made device for planting garlic in the country can be found in the video on the website.