Jewelry made of twine

Surely every craftsman who does not mind spending his free time creating some kind of jewelry or just trinkets thought about how to make an original Christmas decoration with his own hands. This master class will be devoted to how you can make an unusual Christmas ball out of twine with your own hands.
For work, we need the following things:
• Twine (about a meter)
• A paste that needs to be made thick enough
• scissors
• Inflated balls
• Aerosol paint silver or white

Unwind the required amount of twine. It is worth noting that the footage will directly depend on what size of the ball you want to make.

The twine will need to be coated with paste so that it is completely saturated.

Next, you need to carefully wind all this twine on the ball, distributing the thread evenly. This is necessary so that the paste not only dries faster, but also the product itself subsequently looked more neat and beautiful.

We continue to wrap the ball until the string of twine ends. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to distribute the thread so that there is not much empty space between the threads. You should end up with something like this

Now you need to let the ball of thread dry completely. You can speed up the process using a hairdryer. However, it is worth remembering that too hot and powerful air flow should not be directed to the ball. After your ball of thread dries, you can dye it with an aerosol can.

If you wish, you can decorate your ball with a festive ribbon bow.