Funny cat made of fabric

Sewing a funny cat toy is not difficult. But such a wonderful cat will become one of your baby's favorite toys! Yes, and the cat is not simple, he is a real "gentleman"! And nothing that he has such funny panties. Look at what a chic bouquet he has in his paws and a graceful butterfly. Why not a cutie?
For work you will need:
-colors (white, brown, black) - acrylic,
- filler - cotton or polyester,
thread and needle
- fabric for pantalonchikov - cotton,
- small artificial flowers,
glue - "Moment",
- woolen fabric - for the body,
- multi-colored woolen fabric - for a bouquet,
satin ribbon for butterfly,
- threads - for embroidery (floss),
Print the cat pattern, then cut it out. If you want, you can increase its size.

Attach the details of the pattern to a woolen cloth. After this, sew on the sewing machine. Be sure to leave holes; they will be needed to fill the toy.

Cut and twist the pattern. Fill the ears of the toy with polyester and sew on the typewriter.

Then with polyester fill the entire body along with the legs. And sew the holes.

Proceed to sewing trousers. Take cotton fabric, tuck it on both sides and sew on a typewriter.

Now fold it in half and circle the drawer template on it. Sew on the machine along the contours.

With a pencil, mark where the navel of the cat will be. Sew the toy belly twice with an awl, slightly tighten the thread and fasten.

Pull the little panties on top. Well, you can put panties on a cat. Then gently sew them to the body.

Using buttons, sew paws to the body with a needle. By the way, the buttons also look like decoration of a toy! Using a pencil, outline where the cat will have eyes and hair. Paint strips of wool with white and brown dyes. Black paint circle your eyes.

Turn out the panties. These are how wonderful they are!
For a bouquet, take two multi-colored pieces of woolen fabric. Size - approximately 8 x 8 cm.

Wrap small artificial flowers in a fabric and tie them with a bow (using a ribbon or lace).

Butterfly is easy. Take a ribbon and glue its edges from the middle. And in the center, wrap another piece of ribbon, leaving the tips. Use glue to glue the butterfly around the neck.

Sew the string to the cat's paw. Embroider embroidery thread eyebrows, smiling mouth and nose. You can blush cheeks with blush.

Look what a gallant cat gentleman! True, he, without a tail, probably lost in the battles for the beauty cat. But if you want his tail to be sure, then just sew a long woolen strip or ribbon on the back and tie it with a beautiful bow.