Delicate butterfly for decor

A huge amount of unnecessary things can be turned into wonderful things. In the process of work, putting your soul into the craft, you feel how little beauty is born, inspiring immediately to new masterpieces.
To make a delicate butterfly, we need such materials:
• plastic bottle;
• paper;
• pencil, felt-tip pen;
• scissors;
• glue;
• varnish;
• decor (fabric, threads, beads).
Product manufacturing steps:
1. We take a bottle and cut out a piece of plastic of sufficient size to place the stencil of our future butterfly on it.

2. Now draw a butterfly on a piece of paper. It is desirable that it be symmetrical. To do this, you can draw a half of a butterfly, fold the paper and cut out the painted part.

3. Cut out a paper butterfly.

4. We put the stencil on the plastic, circle it with a felt-tip pen and cut it out.

5. Carefully, so as not to break, bend the wings. We make the butterfly voluminous.

6. Now begins the most interesting process, the creative one. Unleash your imagination, and very soon a tender butterfly will fly out from under your hands. We use a stencil. We put it on the fabric and cut it out. We stick a fabric stencil on a plastic butterfly. Let it dry.

7. Next, with the help of threads and glue, loops decorate the wings of a moth.

8. The butterfly will hold out better if varnished. Yes, and he will give shine.

9. Now paste the small beads. Gluing not thick, so as not to overload the craft. After all, our butterfly must be gentle.

10. On the other side of the butterfly, glue a small magnet. Now such beauty can be attached to any metal surface, or it can also be on a curtain.

11. Two thin stripes are cut out of plastic. It will be a mustache. Glue them to the head. We put on the ends of the antennae on a bead. The tender butterfly is ready.