Christmas boot

Ideas to make toys for decorating a Christmas tree come completely unexpectedly. So it happened this time. Seeing the empty packaging from under children's socks, I wondered how they looked like boots hanging by the fireplace. And so a strong desire was formed to make a Christmas boot out of plastic. Time to create this craft spent a minimum. And the result will hang on a green beauty-tree, and will please all New Year holidays with its presence.
1. For the manufacture of the boot were used:
• Plastic packaging for socks.
• Paints.
• Brush.
• Glue.
• Scissors.
• Pencil.
• Tape.
• Tinsel.

2. Scissors cut out the plastic part of the sock. We circle the cardboard base on it and cut it out. With a cardboard base, you need to be more careful, and in no case cut it smaller than a plastic boot.

3. We draw bright red snowflakes both on plastic and on a cardboard basis.

4. White dots draw dots in arbitrary places and paint over the upper part of the boot. We are waiting for the paint to dry well and continue to work.

5. In the center of the paper base we put tinsel.

6. Apply glue along the contour of the paper boot. Glue the plastic part on top.

7. Unfortunately, in some places the tinsel still got out. We cut it with scissors.

8. On the back side, glue a loop on the cardboard so that you can hang the Christmas boot.

9. A bright Christmas tree toy is ready.