We decorate the cover for the passport

- passport cover;
- acrylic paints and varnish;
- decoupage card;
- art brushes and sponges;
- alcohol-containing composition;
- masking tape;
- shellac varnish (you can take the first step of a two-component craquelure);
- concomitant: a bowl of water, scissors.
1. Degrease the cover with a sponge.

2. To prevent contamination of the inside of the cover, we glue along the perimeter with masking tape.

3. Cover the cover with a dense layer of titanium white using a sponge (in principle, any artistic sponge can be replaced with a piece of a regular household sponge). Add a couple of layers of acrylic varnish.

4. Cut the decoupage card to the required size and apply it to the cover.
5. Dip the cat in a bowl of water for 10 seconds and glue it to the cover with acrylic varnish. We remove the excess with a napkin.

6. We part acrylic paints and we do a little painting. With blue, white and a drop of ultramarine we stretch the sea.
7. White, black, draw a relief with a umbra.
8. We draw a handrail of a balcony and "thought".
9. We draw houses in the background and form a "dream", tint the cat.

10. Cover with shellac varnish.

The cover is ready!