Paper Christmas tree in 10 minutes

With the approaching New Year holidays, I really want to entertain myself with something interesting, create a festive mood around me. And no matter where the person is - in the office or at home, he will still want to see a Christmas tree these days. You can make it from improvised materials, namely stationery, which is in every office.

To create a Christmas tree you will need:
• color sheet for printing;
• a compass or base to make a circle;
• pencil;
• curly scissors (can be simple);
• ribbon bar;
• glue.

On the sheet you need to draw five circles. Two large, two medium and one smaller. This can be done using a tape reel. Large circles are circled on the outside of the tape, and smaller on the inside.
Cut them better with curly scissors. If there are none, you can make a small pattern with simple scissors. To do this, you can cut the edges of the circles in a zigzag fashion.

The fifth circle is done by cutting off the excess part. To do this, you need all the same curly scissors.

All circles must be bent in three layers, as for cutting snowflakes.

Imitation snow is applied to the finished parts using a tape stroke. Unlike liquid, it does not deform paper and does not require time to dry.

Finished parts are glued with ordinary glue. It is better to use glue stick that does not soak the paper.

Herringbone can be additionally decorated with holes made of hole punch, if any.
If someone needs to cheer up or decorate a workplace, this option will help to do it in ten minutes.