Let's clean the laptop cooler from dust

Most often, after buying a laptop, we don’t even think about its condition - just bought it, so you can use it as much as you like! Put on your knees, carpet, plaid, sit next to a cat and a cup of coffee / tea to enjoy watching the movie.
But not so simple. Literally after six months of such use, the laptop begins to make noise, pop, buzz, knock and make other disturbing noises. And not only to publish, but to overheat or even turn off. What happened to the computer?
The fact is that inside the laptop there is a cooler, thanks to which the entire internal system is cooled. And when the computer is forced to stand on a soft surface, its ventilation is simply covered by a blanket, a blanket, etc. The dust is drawn in, after which the color is clogged. Let’s take a look at the points on how to independently clean a laptop from dust.
Step one.
Consider the reader on a Lenovo laptop. In fact, there is no fundamental difference, except that the cover can be shifted or located in the middle of the laptop. In my case, the upturned computer looks like this:

And here is the cover itself with 6 small screws that we need to unscrew. This is what a laptop with a loose cover looks like.

Step Two
So we got to the cooler itself. As you can see in the figure, the cooler is protected by a small plate, which is supported by 4 screws, which we also need to carefully unscrew. Attention! Do not lose the screws, they are very small, but after their loss we will not be able to work with laptops.


Now that the cooler is open, we can immediately start cleaning.
Step Three
We carefully take out the fan, and, using the most ordinary brush, we begin to clean its every blade from dust:

After cleaning, pay attention to the place where the fan was located:

And here is the grill itself, through which the laptop is cooled.
Before cleaning:


We clean the grate with the same brush.
Step Four
And finally, the last step before assembling the laptop is to lubricate the fan axis:

For this, ordinary machine oil, for example, from sewing machines, is suitable. I had a specially refined oil, specially purchased for cleaning the cooler, which, almost no longer exists. But a couple of drops are enough for us.
Step Five, Final.
Now it remains only to return everything to its place - insert the fan, tighten the plate and cover. Now your laptop will please you with its quiet work for at least a month. Even if there is no noise after this period, we recommend cleaning every two months. Good luck!