Soaring Cup - Money Waterfall

A floating cup is a symbol of attracting money. The inexhaustible stream of coins visually resembles a waterfall, and a miraculously hanging container hangs over the saucer and adds mysticism to this product. Maybe this souvenir is able to attract money to the house? Or maybe it's just a beautiful decoration? Everyone can decide for themselves, because it’s easy to make such a craft even for a child or a woman, since special skills are not required when working on the product.
To work, we need:
coins of small denomination (kopeks, five kopeks); a spoon, fork, or other vertical-looking device that acts as the holder of the structure; a cup; saucer; electrical tape or adhesive tape (you can use a thermal gun for fixing); glue; instruments.

First, bend a spoon or fork with pliers (in this case, a mini-ladle was used, but not everyone has it) so that one part of the cutlery is curved in one direction, the other, respectively, in the opposite direction.

This is the future frame of the product. It can be wrapped with electrical tape.
Next, tape should attach the top of the cutlery to the cup, the bottom to the saucer.

It is important that the parts are tightly attached - the structure must be stable.
Then it’s worth putting glue on the saucer. Pour some coins there, having built a slide. With the cup repeat the same manipulations. Wait a bit until the coins freeze.

Then, stick the coins along the cutlery’s trunk, so that it looks like a flowing stream of money.
Now your cash waterfall - the soaring cup is ready!

You can give such a waterfall as a souvenir to someone, or you can safely put it at home as an ornament.