Home-made plywood screw clamps

Home-made screw clamps made of ordinary plywood and studs will be useful to any home craftsman. They are needed to securely and quickly fix the workpiece made of wood or metal on the desktop, as well as to glue together the individual parts. Making screw clamps from plywood is very simple.

Due to the simplicity of the design and the accessibility of the materials used, a lot of such clamps can be made - they will be useful in assembling cabinet furniture, as well as in performing other carpentry work. However, most of all, their cheapness captivates - at minimal cost you can fully equip a workshop with home-made wooden screw clamps and clamps.

The main stages of work

From the scraps of plywood, we cut the required number of blanks for clamps - to make one clamp, you will need four blocks of 20 mm thick and 10 cm long. From one edge, the bars need to be sawed at an angle of about 60 degrees. Then two rectangular grooves are made in them, and through holes must be drilled from above.

At the next stage, glue the bars together. The result should be two clamping jaws for a screw clamp. Furniture ties (in the form of barrels) are inserted into the sponges, and studs of a suitable length are screwed into their holes, through a rectangular “window”, which are fixed on both sides with ordinary nuts. Wooden handles are screwed onto the studs - they can be made of plywood or used ready-made by removing from old files.