Homemade key for a drill chuck on a lathe

The standard factory wrenches for a drill chuck very often go missing (especially in large workshops or production workshops).

Probably the reason for their inconspicuous - because of their small size, they are simply lost among other things trash.

And so the author decided not to bother with their constant searches, and to make a homemade key for a drill chuck on a lathe, which will be much harder to lose. And it’s more convenient to use it than the factory one.

Homemade key design features

The key itself consists of two main elements: a head and a lever. The head is made of steel round pig. And it is necessary to drill a hole in it along the diameter of the drill chuck (so that the head fits freely on the chuck).

The thickness of the head itself can be any - at your discretion. In the upper part of the head you need to make a groove in which the lever will then be installed.

The handle is also made on a lathe. In addition, notches are applied to it, so that it is convenient to hold in your hand. Here, in fact, all the features. The key is very simple - to make it possible for everyone (in the presence of a lathe).

For details on how a homemade key for a drill chuck on a lathe works in practice, see the video on the website.