How to make a bottle of champagne for the new year

Today I want to tell and show in detail how to arrange bottles of champagne for the New Year's celebration. I need the following materials: A4 white felt sheet, 5 meter red and blue satin ribbons of 5 meters, five centimeter satin ribbons of the same colors of 5-10 cm, 50 cm of silver ribbon, white knitting threads, blue and red sewn rhinestones, glue silver rhinestones, white half beads, Czech beads No. 10 of white, red and blue colors, glue, scissors, a needle with a thread and the bottles themselves.

So, I start with the image of Santa Claus. To do this, cut a centimeter tape into strips, glue them at the neck at an angle. Each next segment I do with a slight overlap on the previous one, so that there are no gaps.

I monitor the location of the tape, closer to the base of the bottle, the ribbon begins to lie down horizontally.

I finish the decor about 2 cm from the bottom, leaving a place under the white hem of the fur coat.

I decorate the bottle-granddaughter in a similar way.

These are the blanks I got.

Next, cut the felt into strips of 3 * 21 cm.

To make a hat for Santa Claus, I cut a 5 * 5 cm square from a wide red satin ribbon. I burn the edges with a lighter.

In the center of the square, I draw a circle with a thin dashed line.

I sweep the thread strictly along the intended line, slightly tighten the base in the shape of the neck. I am tying a knot.

I attach a strip of felt to the workpiece, sew it.

In a similar way I make a hat for the Snow Maiden.

Here is a hat I got.

I braid braids from threads for knitting, I tie bows.

I’m decorating hats from Czech beads, for this I make a puncture with a needle in an empty place, string 5 beads, I close them in a circle, I make the middle of the flower from beads that matches the color of the clothes, that is, blue.

I fill in the gaps between the flowers with glue rhinestones.

Glue the pigtails to their rightful place, put on a hat.

There is still room for decor!

I decorate a hat for grandfather in a similar way.

These are the hats I got!

I make a collar from a strip of felt, sew it, decorate the edges with beaded flowers, and glue half beads in between.

Measure out the necessary length for the front of the coat.

I decorate with sewn rhinestones, half beads and beaded flowers.

I paste the central part to its rightful place.

The bottom of the hem is decorated with a decorated strip of felt.

Snow Maiden is ready.

I decorate the bottle-grandfather in the same way, using sewn and glue rhinestones, half beads and beadwork.

The decor for the New Year celebration is ready!