Kitten with a bow and a heart

Which child does not like soft toys? It is unlikely that there will be one among the kids. Perhaps such concepts as children and soft toys are closely interconnected.
As the child grows, develops, his preferences in toys also change. If, being a toddler, he played exclusively with rattles, then when he grew up, they were replaced by various developmental and soft toys.
Each mother pays maximum attention when choosing soft toys for her child. After all, they should be not only high-quality and safe, but also those with which the baby will certainly want to play.
In recent years, a trend has developed in the manufacture of soft toys by hand. But the point is not the cheapness and accessibility of such things - just in the toys made by mom’s hands, much more love and warmth are invested than in the purchased ones.
Today we will sew a little black kitten. He has big surprised eyes, a red nose and a tail with an “antenna”, like a real one. He also has a small soft heart sewn to his side and a pink bow tied around his neck.
We will need:
  • Black material (velvet, felt, fleece or any other);
  • A piece of red material;
  • Soft orange material (bright);
  • White material;
  • Pink lace elastic;
  • Two beads (black or any other);
  • Threads are white and black;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Soap or chalk;
  • A pen;
  • A sheet of white paper;
  • Vata.

On paper we draw the body of the future kitten, eyes, nose and heart.

We cut out all the patterns, and begin to circle them on the fabrics. On black material we circle the torso template. For convenience, you can use chalk or soap. Once circled once, turn the template over to the other side and circle again.

Cut out both parts.

Now we circle the eye patterns on the white fabric, the nose on the red, and the heart on the orange fabric.

Cut out all the details. We apply them to the body of the future cat, see how it will look.

Sew eyes to the front of the body with white thread. When half of the eye is sewn, push a small piece of cotton wool inside.

Sew the eye to the end.

In the same way, using a piece of cotton wool for stuffing, sew the second eye.

To make the cat “look,” we sew on beads to it. Depending on which part of the “eye” they will be sewn on, the “look” of the cat will change. With us he looks away.

Sew on the nose.

On the side, about above the back foot, sew a heart.

Now we need to sew two parts of the body - front and back. We do this by gradually suturing and pushing pieces of cotton wool inside. We flash the toy completely.

It doesn’t matter if threads of material “stick out” at the edges of the toy - this way the cat looks a bit tousled.
We tie a beautiful pink bow around the neck of this wonderful kitten.

The soft toy that will certainly delight your child is ready! Such a kitten will take its rightful place in the collection of soft toys of any baby.