Cheerful decor

New Year - This is a time of joy and fun. What could be better than a sincere company of friends and relatives in which you can have fun and relax? Of course, nothing. I want to share with you my idea of ​​how to make New Year's Eve even more fun.
So what you need to implement this idea:
Wooden long skewers or any other sticks.
Printout of different lips, pince-nez, mustache or draw them yourself, as the fantasy goes.
Black pencil.
Thick cardboard.
Acrylic paints or gouache.

First of all, we draw the blanks, if it is not possible to print. Then cut them along the contour.

Now we apply any blank on cardboard and circle. We also do with all the remaining cut blanks.

Cardboard mustache or smile, what you wanted to do, paint with a black pencil.

After the pencil there are unpainted places, but we need it. A pencil will be the basis for a layer of paint. Now we paint all the details with acrylic or gouache.

Already beautiful, isn't it? If desired, you can cover all the figures with varnish, but this is not necessary. Now the only thing left is to stick the figures onto wooden skewers. Using super-glue or any other reliable glue, glue all the figures on sticks.

It turns out these sticks with a figure on the end. They are done very quickly and not at all difficult, especially if you do them yourself, but with the same company of cheerful friends. Create unusual figures and embody your ideas.
Why will a photo shoot with such decor be fun? Yes, because you will laugh heartily in the process and then, after printing or transferring the photos to a computer, remember how great it was, and you will definitely smile. Happy New Year!