Christmas artichoke

I want to tell you how to make a funny Christmas tree toy out of unnecessary plastic bottles and plain colored paper.

So let's get started. The ball can be made from ordinary plastic bottles. To do this, I took 2 bottles of 1.5 liters, cut off the top. I cut a bottle with an office knife, and then cut it with scissors.

The first is larger, the second is smaller by 1 cm, so that one goes into the other.

Now wrap them with tape.

Cut off the top of one of the bottles. Here is what happened.

Take paper and cut into pieces 3 * 4 cm.
We bend the blank in half, and then bend the edges diagonally to the center. At the ends of the workpiece we fix 2 sided tape.

Glue 4 petals at the base of the ball, thereby closing the top.

This is the first row. Glue 2 row lower, with one color - green. We look that the top of the petal of the second row is between the petals of the first.

Glue the 3rd row, consisting of yellow petals.
So we continue to stick the petals to the very bottom. That's what happened!

In the last row we form square petals or cut out leaves and glue.

Now it's time to make a pendant to the Christmas ball. We make a hole in the center of the lid with a hot nail or a soldering iron. Poke a thick string with a bead into it

On the outside of the lid we make a knot, put on a bead, make another knot so that the bead does not fall out. Voila! The suspension is ready!
Imagine how the kids will be delighted when they find sweets in the Christmas ball, because you can pour small sweets into the ball, such as lollipops!