Mouse bag

Please your little one with a pretty little thing, and a master class will help you with this! This is not only a toy, but also a handbag (or purse, as you want) for various little things. Here you can wear a scarf, or hide sweets, and you can store hair clips and elastic bands. To sew such a baby bag with your own hands, you will need small scraps of fabric, a zipper, two buttons and an evening of free time.
1. Here are the patterns. Transfer them to a cloth and cut them out.

2. Details of the handbag must be cut in duplicate: on the upper fabric and on the lining.

3. Connect the two upper parts of the bag with a zipper.

4. This is how it should turn out.

5. Sew the same lining details on the back.

6. Sew the ears.

7. Pin the ears in the indicated place, pin the muzzle from the main fabric (face to face) on top and sew it on the machine.

8. The result.

9. Turn the purse inside out and sew a lining to the face.

10. Pin or catch the bottom of the mouse. Sew at the same time a tail in the form of a loop.

11. Cut off excess fabric, including the edge of the fastener.

12. Sew the same part to the lining, but leave a few centimeters not wired for turning out.

13. Turn out a handbag and sew an open cut with a secret seam.

14. Sew the eyes to the mouse.

15. That's all! The handbag is ready!