Pendant for christmas tree

Recently, I decided to make wire jewelry. Then I caught sight of gold beads to decorate the Christmas tree. Without thinking twice, I decided to combine this in one pendant. After all, you can later and more expensively buy materials, but you can find out if the color and texture of the material suits you by training on cheaper materials.
So, I took in the Pencil store a coil of 1.5 mm wire for 20 UAH, a little thin copper wire from the old engine, and gold beads for the Christmas tree meter 3UAH ... Well, a chain meter for 6UAH., As it’s only sold for a meter .
First of all, to shape the pendant, I wrapped 10cm of wire around the handle of the opener, cut it off with wire cutters and bent the tip with my pliers.

Then she fixed the tip of the copper wire and began to wind around the beads 3 times and under the beads 6 times

Here came such a blank.

It remains to put in a shiny rhinestone from 2 halves (1UAH) - it’s better to put it not on superglue, but on a rubber Desmokol - and voila - the pendant is ready!