Funny sunny bunny

Caring for their children, mothers choose reliable and high-quality toys. And recently, they even prefer to sew a toy on their own. Such toys are filled with light, kindness, mother's caress and care, positive energy, which is sure to be transmitted to the child during the game. I propose to sew a fun sunny bunny from unusual improvised material, from a baby sock.
To make this fabulous toy, we need:
- sock;
- a needle and threads for internal seams and threads of a contrasting color;
- synthetic winterizer;
- a pencil;
- scissors.

Take a sock (preferably a new one), lay out and cut the gum and sock slightly at an angle.

Now we fold the prepared sock, so that the heel is on top. With a pencil, draw the contours of the ears.

We get from the heel the outline of a cleft muzzle. Correct so that everything is smooth. Cut out the ears.

We turn the pattern inside out and pin it off with pins to make it easier to work.

Sew ears. To do this, you can use a sewing machine and sew, and you can also flash it manually, it will be even more soulful.

After flashing the ears, the product is turned back (on the front side) and filled with padding polyester, using a pencil for convenience.

So that the ears do not fall, it is necessary to lay a roller from sintepon at their base.

Next, we continue to stuff the bunny’s trunk with a padding polyester.

Approaching the edge, we collect the fabric on a thread and begin to tighten, thus closing the hole. In this case, leave the thread, do not cut.

From the remnants of the sock we cut a small circle and along the edge we collect it on a string.

Fill the circle with padding polyester and tighten. We got a soft ball. This is a hare's tail.

Sew the tail to the body.

On the muzzle contour, carefully draw the muzzle. We embroider with a contrasting thread along the finished contour with large stitches.

We got a pretty face. Not enough eyes. Sew on two small buttons.

Now it remains to decorate the bunny. You can tie a bow to his ear or a butterfly around his neck. And our funny sunny bunny is ready.