Nowadays, you can buy almost any children's toy in the store, although their quality and usefulness are very doubtful. And Soviet schoolchildren often made toys for themselves. For example, a match arrow. This homemade shoots close, but is made quite simply.
To make a match, you need a thin felt-tip pen and a powerful spring. By the way, the spring can be removed from the lighter. Or from the mechanism of an automatic ballpoint pen.

Use a hacksaw to cut the felt-tip pen into two equal parts. Then remove the writing tip, the rod, and the plug, which is located on the top of the felt-tip pen.

Insert a small metal (or plastic) plate into the spring. This must be done so that when using a match, the match does not fall inward.

Take the bottom of the felt-tip pen and place the spring in it. Close the upper part tightly with a plug.

So the matchstick is ready. To start using it, insert a match in the hole, press it with your finger and release it sharply. The spring will unfold and push out the match. The firing range of this homemade product is about five meters and entirely depends on the length and elasticity of the spring.