Cross-stitch photo

These days of high technology and continuous automation, manual work is appreciated very, very highly. The pictures embroidered with a cross carry warmth and sincerity. And if you modernize these paintings and bring them some originality, then the creation is generally beyond praise. We are talking about cross-stitch from a photograph or a picture. Not ready-made store schemes are taken as the basis, but for example, a portrait in the photo, based on which an embroidered picture is performed.
In order to get the scheme, it is enough to send a photo of the desired work on a specialized site and it will be converted into a scheme for embroidery and sent to e-mail. Of course, you can do this scheme yourself in a special program, but here you need special knowledge and skills and a lot of time.
After receiving the scheme, you need to print it.

Next, cut the sheets and connect them together. I do not make them into a large general scheme, because they get frayed very quickly and it becomes inconvenient to work with them. Connect by fragments.

Next step. I pick up the canvas. To make the portrait more realistic and similar to the original, it is best to choose a canvas from No. 18 and above. In this case, the embroidery will be on the canvas number 18.
I hoop the canvas so that there are no sagging.

The next step is thread selection. I use DMC floss, cotton. The scheme is accompanied by a palette of colors with the numbers of skeins of thread. It remains only to buy the necessary colors.

Next, I find the approximate middle on the canvas and on the diagram. I determine what color I need to start embroidering. I thread the needle. The needle should be with a rounded end so as not to tear the canvas. And I do the first stitch, securing the thread from the wrong side. The knot is not made, the thread is fixed by itself.

I tighten it well so that subsequently the thread does not open.

I start to sew crosses. I do stitches from the bottom left to the top right. The needle goes inside out. From the inside out in the lower right corner and enters the upper left.

And so I embroider each section according to the pattern.

After a certain amount of time, the drawing will already be visible.

When the embroidery is finished, you need to wash the finished work in warm soapy water and steam from the wrong side.
The portrait is ready!

Such portraits or any thematic embroidered pictures from the photo can serve as a decoration of your own apartment, or as a wonderful gift that everyone will be happy with without exception.