Christmas candle

Bright and brilliant candlestick is suitable for any New Year's interior. It will be appropriate as a decorative element in decorating a room. A wonderful candlestick looks great on the festive table. It creates an atmosphere of comfort and magic, will help brighten up any dinner. In conclusion, I want to note that you can make such a cute candle holder not only easily, but also very quickly. Our detailed photo report will help you to make this amazing magic thing yourself. This candlestick was made by a 2nd grade student. Therefore, you can do such a craft together with your child, which will bring a lot of pleasure to yourself and your baby.

1. To make a candlestick we needed:
• A simple cup.
• PVA glue.
• Varnish fixer.
• Brush.
• Asterisks.
• Brilliant topping.

2. Using a brush, gently apply glue to the outside of the glass.

3. We glue the entire surface of the glass with glue, except for the rim.

4. We take shiny stars of two colors: red and gold.

5. Pour them onto our future candlestick.

6. We give glue to dry a little and stick to our decorative elements.

7. We glue the rim of the glass with glue and sprinkle it with small sparkles. The glass itself is also decorated with a small amount of shiny particles. In this work, we used sparkles in two colors: gold and red.

8. To apply a thick layer of sparkles, you can simply roll the glass on the paper on which they are scattered. We are waiting for the PVA glue to dry. Then we fix everything with a fixing varnish.

9. The result is such a beauty. We admire the result.

10. It looks like a shiny candlestick with a lit candle.