Hot smoked fish with filling

At home, getting hot smoked fish is not at all difficult, and the advantages of a natural product with excellent taste and original smell, with the lack of popular chemistry (liquid smoke) are undeniable.
To cook hot smoked fish you will need the following equipment, utensils and products:
- a smokehouse (regular rectangular, with two nets, on sale from an average of 400 rubles, you should not purchase expensive ones, they actually have the same smoking effect);
- sawdust or twigs (apple tree, alder, cherry, etc.);
- dishes for soaking sawdust;
- fish (perch, pikeperch, trout, etc.);
- onions, garlic, spices, lemon;
- firewood for the fire, hearth (barbecue).
Consider phased production of a product.
1. For smoking, prepare a tree: alder or apple tree. If desired, add cherry, quince, and juniper to the sawdust. You can use calibrated sawdust from the supermarket. A package of sawdust is enough for 2-3 times and you should not use them a lot. Soak the sawdust for 20 minutes, then evenly lay on the bottom of the smokehouse with a thin layer.

2. Fish can be added a little in advance. We gutted and washed it. We make the filling from a mixture of finely chopped onions, garlic, lemon without zest, pepper, salt. In the belly lay the filling. We put the fish in a dish so that excess moisture comes out.

3. We lay out the product on the lattice, and not too tightly and lower it into the smokehouse.

4. We kindle a fire, let it burn a little before the formation of coals.
5. Close the smokehouse and set it on fire. As a hotbed, you can use both the barbecue and a regular bonfire, only ensuring an even location for the smokehouse and good heat. In fact, the fish should be baked and slightly smoked, which is no less important for health. (photo 8)
6. On average, after 25-30 minutes, depending on the heat of the bonfire and the size of the fish, we remove the smokehouse and set it on a piece of board. Let the smokehouse cool down for about 10 minutes. Then with the help of curved wires we take out nets with fish. We lay it still warm on a dish so that it does not stick to the grill.

Cooked fish is tasty not only hot, it gets a special piquancy when it cools down. You can eat it gently revealing the belly, while the scales and bones are easily separated. Almost most types of fish lend themselves to such cooking: bream, pike perch, silver carp, trout, salmon, they only need to be cut along the belly to the back, and then folded so that it is smoked.