Thermostat for hoods

How to make an automatic hood? “It's not at all as difficult as it might seem.” There are very different options, but I settled on one such as a thermal relay. It will work like this: when someone cooks something using a gas or electric stove, it is natural that heat and heat will come from fire and food. The hood and, accordingly, the thermal relay sensor, which in turn will turn on the hood, will heat up.
I settled on a simple circuit with 2 transistors, using the Schmidt trigger as an example.

Assembled it in a makeshift way.

There are also rectifier diodes and a capacitor on the board. The thermistor took from a broken air conditioner.
I connect to the hood. 3-speed hood, connect to the gap of one speed.

Gathered, wired wires for the relay.

Connected to the circuit.

He applied power to the circuit, adjusted everything. Next, isolated and installed in place.

For the sensor made a small hole in the grate. He is barely noticeable in the photo.

Everything works without problems. And in addition to the video about termerel.