Bauble with a name

Baubles have not lost their relevance for many years. They can serve as belonging to a certain subculture, be a nice accessory or just a cute souvenir.
Making a bauble with any inscription - the name of the owner or the name of your favorite group - is not at all difficult. You will need:
• thread floss contrasting colors,
• safety pin,
• scissors
• small pad
• a piece of paper in a cage and a pen.
Work Stages:
1. First, you need to draw a diagram of a future bauble on paper: we write the word on the cells in the cells.
2. We prepare the threads. For a bauble with a width of 3 cm and a length of about 13 cm (not including ties), you need to prepare 15 threads of the color that you want to make an inscription and 1 thread for the background. A standard skein of floss thread will be required on the background thread, the rest is cut into a length of about 40 cm.
3. We knit all the threads in a knot, stepping back from the edge of about 7 cm. And use a safety pin to fix it on the pillow. Tip: when working, use threads of contrasting colors. Maybe you really like the combination of white and pale pink, but the inscription on the finished bauble will be poorly read. The more contrasting the colors, the better.

4. We begin to weave a bauble. The first 7-10 rows do background color. To do this, we braid the warp thread with the background thread so that a loop is obtained. Make 2 knots and move on to the next thread. Nodules should be tight enough, and their rows are tight.

5. To weave the inscription, on the contrary, hold the background thread tight and tightly braid it with each colored thread. Two or three rows from the edges leave the background color, so that the inscription looks more effective.

6. When the bauble is completed, the braids are plaited. It is advisable to iron the finished product with an iron through a damp cloth.