How to sew a soft toy dog

In order to sew a soft toy with our own hands, we need two types of cotton fabric, cotton wool for stuffing, thread matching the fabric, a needle, black thread to make a nose and claws, a ribbon for decoration, special eyes for toys that can be purchase in stores sewing accessories, or instead just black beads and glue.
Manufacturing process:
1. Cut out a pattern from paper, cardboard or old newspapers. Next, cut out the necessary details from the fabric. The number of parts is indicated on the diagram. The body, legs, head and tail are cut from one fabric, and the ears from another. To save money, you can use old clothes, which are usually allowed on rags. I used an old white t-shirt and old shorts.

2. It is necessary to sew together the details of the head from the inside, using a needle with a thread of a suitable color. It can be sewn with an overcast seam or with a regular joint. We twist and stuff with cotton.

3. Stitch the details of the ears. We twist and stuff with cotton.

4. We also sew the details of the paws and tail and also stuff well with cotton. Feet can be sewn to the feet, but this is not necessary, since it is not implied that this toy will stand.

5. We sew together the body parts of the dog, stuffed with cotton wool and sew the head to it.

6. Sew paws and tail to the body.

7. Sew ears to the head. We take a needle with a black thread and embroider a nose and mouth on the dog’s head. Embroider claws on the legs.

8. We take the eyes bought at the sewing accessories store and glue it on the head. If there are no such eyes, then black beads can be sewn. Tie a ribbon for decor on the neck. The dog is ready.

If you wish, you can think of and sew some costume or dress for this toy. You can make neck beads from any beads. It takes only a little imagination.