Knitted pillow-pads for cars

Decorative pillows are popular with needlewomen and consumers. Unlike embroidered and stitched patterns, knitted pillows require more time for their manufacture, but the result is pleasing with its originality and exclusivity.
To make knitted pillows you will need:
- woolen threads for the canvas and patterns;
- hook and knitting needles;
- drawing scheme, scissors;
- fabric and filler or ready-made small pads.

First, we determine the size of the pillow, select the scheme and calculate the number of loops. We knit on a knitting needle with a 1x1 elastic band, thanks to which a volume of fabric is created and it is visually easier to see adjacent rows. In this case, we knit 40 rows with knitting needles No. 5 with white and red threads.

Then, we hook the two sides of the pillow and create a pattern. First, prepare the threads for a picture 6-7 cm long. So that the thread was doubly at least 3 cm long.

Otherwise, when washing, the threads come out of the product.
In our case, Lesovichka needs threads of orange, beige, off-white, black, green and white and red threads for the background.
Now create a picture from the middle of the pillow, fixing the thread as a fringe:
1) fold the thread in half;
2) we drag the loop through the hook into the desired loop of the pillow;

3) with a hook we grab the ends of the thread into the looped loop;

4) we part the ends of the thread in different directions, firmly fixing the knot.

Thus, we create a drawing according to the selected scheme.

So that the threads do not interfere, they can be moved in the opposite direction.

After you finish knitting the scheme, close the background according to the same plan.

In our case, knitted pillows turn out two-tone: red and white.
Next, with a comb, you need to smooth the threads to get a picture.

If necessary, trim the long "ponytails".
Then insert the pillow into a knitted pillowcase or fill it with filler. Please note that the pillow knitted with a fringe on both sides can be filled with padding polyester immediately without a fabric lining, since the canvas is dense.
If the knitted fabric is “loose” and the pattern is only on one side, then sew a fabric pad. Now we sew the last side of the product or sew the lock on request, straighten the pattern, and the car knitted pads are ready!

Such knitted pillows can be made of any shape and size, which will allow you to bring cosiness to your interior!