Greeting card with volumetric cat

Greeting card is a wonderful birthday present. It can be done with your own hands, while it will turn out original and bright. You need to start by preparing all the necessary items:
- ruler;
- scrapbooking paper blue and red;
- two sheets of white paper;
- double-sided tape;
- a simple pencil;
- eraser;
- colour pencils;
- glue stick;
- curly scissors;
- scissors are simple.
Now you can make a card:
1. Fold the blue sheet of scrapbooking paper in half;

2. On a red sheet of scrapbooking paper, draw a small square;

3. Cut a square;

4. With curly scissors cut the edges of the square;

5. Fold the square in half with the red side inward;

6. In the middle of the bend, mark a distance of two centimeters. Draw two parallel lines about three centimeters long;

7. Make scissors cuts along the lines;

8. Bend the resulting protrusion;

9. Lubricate the entire square on the reverse side except for the protrusion with glue;

10. Stick the red square inside the card so that the fold line of the card and the fold line of the square coincide;

11. On a piece of white paper draw a cat with a gift;

12. Erase all pencil lines with an eraser;

13. Color pencils on the drawing;

14. Gently cut the cat with scissors;

15. Apply one of the sides of the protrusion with glue and glue the cat to it;

16. On the remaining piece of red paper for scrapbooking, draw with a simple pencil the contours of the heart;

17. Cut the heart with scissors;

18. Turn the heart over with the back side and stick pieces of double-sided tape on it;

19. Glue the heart on the front side of the card, placing it approximately in the middle;

20. On a sheet of white paper, sketch the greeting lettering;

21. Erase the pencil lines with an eraser. Color the letters with colored pencils;

22. Using curly scissors, cut out the inscription;

23. Flip the inscription on the back side and glue a few pieces of double-sided tape on it;

24. Stick the inscription on both sides of the heart;

25. On a white sheet of paper, draw a few circles, using a ruler with a stencil or compass;

26. Cut the circles with ordinary scissors;

27. With curly scissors cut out a small rectangle from paper;

28. Using glue stick, glue the circles and the rectangle inside the card. On them you can write good wishes.

Now the card with the volumetric cat is ready. It looks very original, and therefore will be a great addition to any gift.