Old leather bag bracelet

If you have an obsolete leather bag that you are going to throw away, or any other unnecessary item made of leather or leather substitute, you can not throw it away, but use it in needlework, for example, you can make a bracelet out of this thing. You can apply quite well-preserved pieces of leather, as well as the handle of a bag. To do this, carefully cut out all the suitable parts of the bag, and make a lace from the handle, cutting off a thin line of skin from it.
1. In addition to pieces of leather and lace, to create a bracelet you will need:
contour acrylic paints on fabric;
scissors (preferably manicure with sharp tips);
ruler, pencil;
a sheet of paper or cardboard;
needle, thread (to match skin color).

2. We begin by cutting the blank for the bracelet. From the skin we cut a rectangle measuring 17 cm in length and 8 cm in width. These values ​​are, of course, arbitrary, you can make a bracelet of any size.

3. Having departed from the edge of 1 cm, scissors cut holes in two sides for attaching the laces.

4. From the prepared lace, cut off 2 parts about 15 cm long. Putting the lace into the hole and bending it by 1-2 cm, gently hem.

5. Now proceed to painting the bracelet. Draw a sketch to create a pattern using, for example, coins. We circle them in a flower shape. We draw some petals. You can draw the entire drawing by hand, the main thing is that the lines are smooth, not curved.

6. Cut the sketch along the outer contour and lay it on the leather blank exactly in the center.

7. Circle our flower with a series of pink dots, gently pressing a paper flower. We wait 10-15 minutes until the paint dries, then remove.

8. Cut out the inner circle - the middle of the flower, put it in the center and circle in the same way.

9. First, paint the inside with the dots. Lay a row of yellow and a row of purple dots.

10. Alternating pink, yellow and purple colors, fill the middle of the flower with rows of dots.

11. Pink color draws round flower petals.

12. In the same alternation of rows fill the round petals.

13. We set the points close enough, but at the same time we try to prevent them from touching each other.

14. In the same way we make out small petals.

15. If there is a scuff on a piece of leather cut out for a bracelet, you can place small flowers from the points of the colors used in their place - there will be no flaws.

The leather bracelet with painting is ready! I wish you a pleasant time with this work and get an excellent result!