Original invitation to a bachelorette party

A bachelorette party is an important event in the life of a future bride. Therefore, you need to prepare for it thoroughly, having thought through every detail, up to invitations. Original invitations in the form of such a subject of a woman’s toilet as a corset will be able to surprise girlfriends and tune them to a festive mood.
In order to start work on creating an invitation, you will need:
• a sheet of beautiful colored paper or cardboard,
• lace tape
• narrow decorative braid,
• shiny nail polish,
• pencil
• glue;
• ruler,
• scissors;
• stationery knife.
Now you can proceed directly to the creative work.
We draw and cut out the template for the future postcard.
Turn the sheet of paper upside down and proceed to the drawing of the invitation in the form of a corset. To do this, use a ruler and a pencil.

After the sketch of the invitation is completed, you should cut it. It is important to observe the symmetry of the parts of the front and back of the card. To bend the waist of the corset and the ruffle from below, you should fold the card in half, as it should look in the end, and carefully cut out these elements.

Decorate the front of the invitation.
In order to make the invitation more original and interesting, we recommend that you complete the design using lace ribbon. After carefully lubricating the tape with glue, glue it to the bodice of the corset, as shown in the photo.

In the middle, using a spectacular shiny nail polish, write the name of the girlfriend to whom the invitation is addressed. It is advisable to use a varnish with a thin brush. The front of the postcard is ready!
Decorate the back of the card.
The back of our paper corset will be as original as the front, because we will make the strings on it. To do this, you need to take a clerical knife and make two rows of holes of 5 pieces.

Next, we take a narrow decorative braid and thread it into holes, so that a beautiful weave would turn out. We tie the ends of the braid in a nice bow.
The invitation is ready, it remains only to write inside the information about your future event.

If you wish, you can choose another form for creating an invitation. It can be a postcard in the form of a dress, handbag, shoes, and so on. Do not limit yourself to fantasy. Add new elements to your creation, decorate it with beads, beads, bows and rhinestones.
Your friends will be happy to receive an unusual and creative invitation to a bachelorette party.