Soft cozy plaid

On cold autumn and winter evenings it is always pleasant to wrap yourself in a warm blanket with a cup of fragrant tea in your hands. Today I will tell you how to make a beautiful, warming knitted blanket with fabric elements on your own.
For manufacturing you will need:
- Any fabric. It is advisable that you use two types of fabric with different patterns that will be combined together.
- Durable cotton thread for tying motifs.
- Sewing thread and needle.
- Sharp scissors.
- Crochet hook.
- A gypsy needle or a needle with a big eye.

First we need to make a lot of square fabric blanks. They are made simple. We cut out two squares, fold them with their faces to each other and sew them on a typewriter or sew them with a needle and thread manually.

At the end, we leave a small, non-stitched area, we turn the square out and carefully sew up the hole already on the front side. It turns out such a small square. We make a lot of these from both types of fabric.

Now proceed to tying the fabric element. We take a gypsy needle and thread a cotton thread into it for tying. We sew the edges of the square so that we get loops, for which we will then tie the thread and make a beautiful strapping.

Having swept the whole square, without tearing the thread, we begin to tie. When the thread from the needle ends, just put on another thread and continue to knit. We knit the first row with crochets.

In two corner loops we knit two single crochet so that the corners expand and do not tighten the square.

The next row is made openwork. We knit it with double crochets. We knit one double crochet, skip one loop and knit two double crochets in a row. I alternate the columns in this way, we get an openwork strapping. In the corner loops we knit two double crochet.

We knit several prepared motives in the same way. Connecting the elements with each other in a single canvas, we alternate the patterns in a checkerboard pattern. We snap squares in the corners and once in the middle of the element.

By connecting the squares, you can make a plaid of any size. When you have reached a size that is sufficient for you with the same cotton thread, tie the edges of the plaid to make a nice frame. You can also choose yarn that is excellent in color for the strapping thread. It is important that it is combined with a plaid.

Such a beautiful blanket will appeal to your baby; it will give you comfort and a pleasant mood on a cold evening.