Natural freshener

Everyone likes when the apartment, office or any other room has a pleasant smell. This can be achieved using a store air freshener, which is different and is sold everywhere. However, today I want to tell you that a good, natural, air freshener can be made independently. It is not difficult to do this, and everyone has the materials that are necessary for this.
Would need:
- A small glass jar, 100-200 grams;
- table soda;
- Foil for baking;
- needle;
- Favorite aromatic oil;
- Office gum;
- a tablespoon;
- A beautiful ribbon for the decor of the banks.

The first thing we need to do is thoroughly wash and dry our jar. Then pour 2-3 tablespoons of soda into it. Depending on the size, the number of spoons may be different. In general, the contents of the jar should not exceed its third part.

After that, take your favorite aromatic oil and drip a few drops on soda. 7-10 drops of oil should be evenly distributed over the surface.

Next, take the baking foil and cut out a square from it. The size of the square should be sufficient to completely cover the neck of our can. We put a square on the jar.

Fill the edges of the square along the bank so that the foil envelops it. Next, we need to fix the lid with an elastic band so that it fits tightly on the bank and does not fall off. If it turns out, it is better to wrap the elastic band two to 3 times so that the lid hermetically closes the jar.

We take a needle and carefully make holes throughout the foil lid. This is necessary so that the oil vapor gradually leaves the can, creating a light, pleasant, almost elusive aroma in the room.

In order for the jar to look neat and pretty, because it will stand in the room, in plain view, it needs to be slightly decorated. For this, an ordinary ribbon is suitable. Cut off a suitable flap, wrap it around the neck of the jar and tie a neat bow. Also, the jar can be decorated with paints, if you want. I did not do this, the bow was more than enough for me.

The contents of the jar will need to be updated periodically. To do this, simply remove the rubber band and the cover and drip the oil in a new way. You can use different flavors every month or try a different combination of several oils. Experiment!