Hairpin "Callas"

To make this hair clip you will need satin ribbons, scissors, a clip, a yellow braid, a lighter or a candle, glue and a hair clip.
On the edge of the braid you need to tie a knot and cut a piece of 2.5 cm. 5 pieces of such blanks need to be prepared.

Take a white satin ribbon and cut off 5 squares. The width of the ribbon should be at least 5 cm. Calla flowers will be made from these squares. First, the square is folded diagonally.

Then again.

The blank must be folded again.

In the middle of the folded petal, place a blank from the braid.

The edge of the workpiece must be cut and sealed with a lighter. In this case, the braid is firmly fixed in the middle of the flower.

It turns out such a blank for a flower.

Cut 2 squares from a green ribbon 2 cm wide. Fold the squares diagonally and hold the fold slightly above the flame to make a streak. The edges of the square also need to be scorched by fire so that they do not open.

This will result in such a blank for leaflets.

Now you need to connect the white and green blanks like this. Trim the bottom edge of the tape, flame it and press it well so that the workpieces are firmly joined.

Such flowers turn out. To decorate hairpins, you need to make five flowers.

To decorate the hairpins, you need a few more green petals. To make them, you need to cut three pieces of 5 cm long from the green ribbon. Fold the ribbon segments like this.

Then connect the corners together.

Trim and seal the bottom edge.

Turn the resulting petal out. You get such a leaf.

When all the flowers and leaves are prepared, you can begin to assemble the product. Pre-degrease the surface of the hair clip, then stick flowers on it in a random order and decorate with green leaves.

This is how the finished hairpin looks on the side.

Such flowers can decorate not only a hairpin. This composition will look great on a hair band or as a brooch.