Bouquet of flowers with sweets

Sometimes we all want to give something unusual to our children and see the delight in their eyes. But what exactly should we choose? Well, of course, all the kids love sweets. So let's create a sweet masterpiece! But don't be alarmed right away. We don’t have to cook anything. I suggest we create this masterpiece from corrugated paper and any sweets of your choice. And we call it "Bouquet with a surprise." Most of all, a bouquet is suitable for a gift for girls.
So, I chose Kinder for a sweet surprise. You can choose any other option that suits your child.
For work, we need:
- corrugated paper;
- scissors;
- a basket;
- a small piece of foam;
- double-sided adhesive tape;
- sticks;
- stapler;
- 5 kinder surprises;
- a transparent film for decoration;
- ribbon for bow.

So, let's get to work.
1. Prepare the basis. We took a wicker basket, but you can choose any stand for any friend, including making a box with your own hands. Our basket is round in shape, so we cut the foam in the shape of the bottom and glue it on double-sided tape. Just don’t try to stick it on the glue, because any glue turns polystyrene into porridge. The foundation is ready.

2. Now we are going to make flower petals.
To do this, we need to cut out 15x15 cm squares from corrugated paper. Do not be afraid if the edges are not very smooth. We don’t need them anyway. We will twist the squares into rolls.

For one flower, we need 6 squares. We turn one of them into a triangle, and from the remaining 5 we make rolls. To help, I chose a hard pencil for hot glue. But if you have smaller sweets, then reduce the size of square pieces of corrugated paper, too, and then you can use a simple pencil to help roll the rolls.
So, on a pencil, not tight, we wind up a leaf not completely. Then, fingers squeeze it around the edges. We got a compressed roll. Remove it from the pencil.

3. Now compose the flowers.
At the end of the stick (in our case, it is skewers for barbecue) we paste pieces of double-sided tape. I stuck on 2, so that the area of ​​contact between the tape and the kinder was larger and that it would not come loose. Glue a sweet surprise to the stick.

Then, with a pre-prepared triangle, wrap the sweetness. This triangle will serve as our first petal. After, in turn, glue the petals around the edges.

When we glued all the petals, we fix everything with a stapler at the bottom, near the connection with the stick. So we got our first flower.

By the same principle, we make all the other flowers.

4. We collect a bouquet.
We stick the resulting flowers into our base. In order to keep them better and not break up, we also glue them together with double-sided tape.

We decorate the bottom of the basket with a piece of corrugated paper, thereby we close the foam. In the middle of the composition you can put a small soft toy, well, or any other gift. I don’t have a gift, but for the sake of completeness, I stuck the stickers on the same skewer of the “merry girl”. It turned out also very nice.

5. The finishing touch.
We glue our rhinestones on some petals and wrap a basket of flowers in a transparent film. I used film for flowers.

You can make such a chic sweet surprise not only for your children. It can also be done with your child, for example, as a gift for a classmate or just as a gift to a girlfriend.
Delight your loved ones with nice handmade gifts. After all, now you can buy anything. But, a self-made present will bring much more pleasant emotions and express your love.