Developmental knitted dog

All kids love bright toys. It is especially interesting when such a toy is similar to that drawn with colored pencils. It is such an unusual, funny and very useful toy for your child that we will learn to make today.
For manufacturing you will need:
- Colored yarn. You can do the same as mine - yellow with a rainbow. Or choose any other colors your child likes.
- Convenient hook of the right size.
- Sintepon.
- Needle, thread, scissors.

Knitted toys with round details all fit in about the same way. So our dog is no exception. Every detail she will begin with an amigurumi loop. Thus, the canvas is solid, without an ugly hole in the center. I will show how to knit rainbow segments. Such an element is present in all other details, so linking them yourself will not be difficult for you.
So, knits an amigurumi loop with five or six single crochet.

Each next row is knitted for expansion, adding 5-6 loops and evenly distributing them across the row. Rainbow segments include 5-6 rows, depending on the thickness of the thread.

It turns out such a pancake.

In the same way, in compliance with the proportions and the number of rows, we knit the remaining segments. You should get 10 circles, two of each color.

They must be connected together by a strapping row. The details of the body begin to knit as well as colored segments. Having reached the size of the circle, we continue to knit, but now we do not add new loops to the remaining rows. The body will be of two semicircular parts.

We do paws for a dog already, than the previous details, but we begin to knit them in the same way. Just do not bring the extension to the size of the colored circles, but stop adding loops in the middle. We make the bottom of the foot black and the top yellow, like a body. We sew ready-made parts.

The head fits as part of the body, but instead of the cut part, an elongated muzzle is made with a round black nose. We knit eyes from white semicircles, with a black fringing and black pancakes in the middle. Sew them to the head.

We make the ears and tail colorful.

Sew the ears to the head and head to the body of the dog. Unforgettable to sew a tail. That's all, the dog is ready.

Playing such a toy, the child will learn to distinguish colors. Entertainment will not only be pleasant, but also very useful.