Knitted summer beaded necklace

Every woman wants to look unique and original, especially in the summer. Indeed, in the summer, we can boast not only outfits, but also jewelry. In winter, she is simply not visible from under the outer clothing. I want to introduce you to a crocheted necklace that will certainly set you apart from the crowd and decorate your look in the best way possible. The proposed model is very simple in execution and fits in a few hours.

To complete the work you will need:
- three colors of yarn from 100% cotton, 30 g each. each;
- hook 1.00 mm;
- beads of different colors and beads to match;
- The scheme of fulfillment of motives;
- needle and thin threads;
- scissors.
1. We begin to create the first motive for a necklace - this is a flower. We collect 12 air units, connect them into a ring and begin the formation of future petals. For this we knit 1 tbsp. single crochet, 3 air loops, 1 tbsp. without nak., continue to knit until 8 petals are obtained.

2. We knit the base for the petals, while changing the color of the thread. 14 airborne, 5 tbsp. without nak. So we knit all 8 petals until the end of the row.

Then we perform 18 tbsp. with nak, 1 tbsp. without nak. basis. You should end up with a full eight-petal flower.

3. We tie the flower with a contrasting thread in columns without nak.

4. We begin to knit the second motive. To do this, we collect 6 air units, connect them into a ring and continue knitting according to the pattern. (See diagram) Do not forget to change the thread, this will emphasize the beauty of the motif.

5. We knit a chain of round motifs, in the amount of 6 pieces. At the same time we connect them during knitting. We knit three small flowers and sew them to round motifs using a thread and a needle.

6. We sew all the motives according to the scheme.

7. We proceed to decorate the necklace with beads and beads.

8. We tie double threads to the ends of the necklace, weave a braid out of them and tie a knot at the end.
And now you are ready for an incredibly beautiful crocheted necklace and decorated with beads.

It is ideal for women and girls of all ages, as well as absolutely any summer item from your wardrobe. You can make a necklace in other matching colors. It all depends on your preference and imagination. Dare and everything will certainly work out.