Draw 3D glasses with a pen according to the pattern

If you can’t paint beautifully with felt-tip pens, colored pencils or watercolors, try an alternative - a 3D pen that allows you to create original expositions on paper or another surface without much effort. Working with such a tool is easy and convenient. It is not necessary to be a seasoned artist to paint the Eiffel Tower or a sports car. Just download the special stencils and circle them.

Familiarity with this type of home creativity is best to start by drawing simple geometric shapes and objects. Moreover, your drawing "comes to life" immediately after creation and becomes a tangible object that will replenish the home collection of original crafts. If necessary, change the thickness of the material and its color as you wish, to create a figure with a unique "character".

How to draw 3D glasses with pen

One of the simplest stencils for 3D pens, which is ideal for beginners, is sunglasses. And although they will not protect from the sun, you can surprise your friends with their help. You can download several glasses templates for 3D pens on our website.

You just need to select a suitable sample, save it to your computer, and then print to a printer and use it as a template. Please note that sunglasses for the 3D pen consist of 3 main elements: frames and pairs of arms - they can be downloaded individually or in one file.

To begin, select the appropriate template on our website (option one, option two), save the sample on a PC or laptop and print it on the printer. After that, turn on the 3D pen, refill the ABS plastic and start drawing. First of all, you need to circle the contours of the elements, and then carefully “shade” the inner space, so that in the end you get a monolithic structure.

If necessary, add an additional 1-2 layers of plastic on top for greater strength. You can also experiment with shades of colors: for example, make the temples of the glasses black and the frame orange. After the plastic hardens, carefully peel the paper off the paper. At the final stage, you need to connect all the elements together using a 3D pen.