Business in the garage - the manufacture of decorative tiles

If you have a garage or other utility room, then why not make a profit from it? Ideas for business today on the Internet at least "a dime a dozen" - choose any and start actively developing your own business. In general, there are really many prospects, there would be a desire.

In this article, we will consider one of the simplest ideas for the garage business - the manufacture of decorative tiles for facing fireplaces, the basement of the building, exterior and interior walls. Investments are minimal: you need a vibrating table, which you can do yourself, molds for pouring tiles (rubber, silicone or plastic), as well as gypsum with sand.

Instead of a gypsum base, you can use another - special dry mixes or cement mortar. As for molds for filling, it is better to use silicone, but they are more expensive. Therefore, in order to save, plastic ones are also suitable. And most importantly: the more forms available, the higher the productivity.

Tile manufacturing process

First, the so-called separation layer must be applied to the surface of the plastic molds (so that the alabaster does not stick to the walls). For this, silicone grease or a well-known technical spray based on white spirit WD-40 is suitable.

Next, mix the mortar based on gypsum and sea sand or other components. Pour the liquid solution ("milk") into the prepared forms, then place them on a vibrating table to remove excess air, and also make the tile more durable.

If you used gypsum mortar for filling, then the tile can be removed from the mold after 10-15 minutes. However, complete drying takes 1-2 days in the presence of good weather outside or suitable indoor conditions. Then the finished tile can be packed in containers and sent to the customer.