Compact profile tube dumbbell rack

Sports equipment must be stored in such a way that it is convenient to use. Therefore, to store dumbbells and barbell at home, you can use a simple rack from a profile pipe.

Factory racks are indecently expensive, so it will be much cheaper to make a rack yourself. The frame is from a professional pipe, and the dumbbell mounts themselves can be made from pieces of a steel plate.

First of all, it will be necessary to cut the size of the workpiece from the profile pipe and metal. Then they need to be sanded on the grinder. Then the master starts welding.

The main stages of work

First you need to weld the base - for this you need three pieces of the profile pipe. After that, two more sections of the profile will need to be welded vertically to the "jumper". The lines must be the same length.

At the same time, note that the pipes should be at a slight angle relative to the horizontal plane. Next, profiles for dumbbells from pieces of a metal plate are welded to the profiles at the required angle.

At the last stage of work, it remains only to weld the stops to the racks - for this the master uses two studs and elongated nuts. But you can also take the smooth reinforcement of the desired diameter.

Then you need to clean everything with a grinder with a petal disk and paint. For details on how to make a rack for dumbbells from a profile pipe, see the video on our website.