Cool chair with footrest made of profile pipe

In this review, the author tells in detail and shows how, with minimal material costs, you can make a cool and comfortable chair with a footrest with your own hands.

Such a chair is perfect for working in the garage and home workshop. In this case, the author decided to use a profile tube of square section 25 * 25 mm with a wall thickness of 2 mm.

First of all, it is necessary to cut off four blanks of 30 mm each and weld a chair seat out of them. Be sure to check the diagonal. Welds must be cleaned with a flap wheel for angle grinders.

The main stages of work

Next, it will be necessary to cut off two billets 42 cm long from a trade pipe at an angle of 45 degrees. You will also need to cut off two more workpieces 30 cm long. Of these, the master welds a rectangular frame.

The resulting two frames (square and rectangular) must be welded to two long sections of the profile. The finished frame then needs to be cleaned with a grinder and painted.

At the last stage, four pieces of the board will need to be sawn in size (three will go to the seat, one to the back). We drill holes and fasten the boards to the frame. We varnish or simply process it with oil.

For more information on how to make a cool chair with a footrest from a profile pipe, see this video.