Perforator nozzle for driving pegs into the ground

In this review, the master shows how you can make a nozzle on a punch with your own hands from simple materials at hand. It is intended for driving wooden pegs into the ground.

To make this nozzle, you will need an old drill (you can even have a broken one, the main thing is that the shank itself be whole), a piece of a round pipe and metal trim.

First of all, the author takes an old drill for a perforator, and with the help of a grinder (angle grinder) cuts off a small part of it with the shank under the cartridge.

Nozzle manufacturing process

At the next stage of the work, the author cuts a piece of pipe of suitable diameter. Then he cuts out a circle from thick metal, which will need to be welded to the end of the pipe. If necessary, the “glass” itself can be made shorter by trimming it with a grinder.

After that, a piece of auger with a shank should be welded to the plate. For greater reliability, the author cuts out three metal plates of triangular shape from metal, and welds them on the sides of the drill.

Now it remains only to clean the welds, and the homemade nozzle is ready for use.

For details on how to make a nozzle on a puncher for driving wooden pegs (or metal pins) into the ground, you can watch the video on our website.