A simple tool for spot weed removal

Sometimes, to remove weeds, a neat and delicate approach is required - you won’t be able to do such work with a regular shovel or pitchfork (for example, on a lawn or on vegetable beds when everything is already growing).

Just for such cases, the author proposes to make a very simple tool with your own hands, with which you can remove grass pointwise without harming other plants.

For the manufacture of this homemade product you will need a half-inch pipe piece 100-120 cm long and a 3/4 pipe sleeve that will be worn on a half-inch pipe.

You will also need three pieces of reinforcement with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 25-30 cm and nuts with a diameter of 8 mm. For each piece of reinforcement, you need to weld two nuts at a distance from each other.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, the author takes the M6 ​​bolt, puts the M8 nut on it, then passes it through the nut, which is welded to the fixture, put on the M8 nut again and fix it with the M6 ​​nut.

Next, we weld the M8 nuts (all three fittings) to the sleeve. After that, we weld three nuts to the half-inch pipe.

Then you need to cut six pieces of plates, drill holes in them and fasten them with bolts to the nuts at the bottom of the reinforcement bars. Next, connect these plates with nuts on a half-inch pipe.

Now it remains only to weld the handle to the instrument - the author welds a small piece of a half-inch pipe perpendicular to the main pipe.

Details on how to make a tool for pinpoint weed removal with your own hands can be found in this video.