Why look in the mirror when drilling: omen or cunning?

You need to drill vertical holes in the workpieces, but you do not have a drilling machine or at least a drill stand for a drill in your workshop (garage)?

In this case, there are two options. First - you can make an eye hole in the workpiece. But in this case, you should not count on a quality result.

The second option is to use various carpentry tricks. And the most popular of them is associated with the use of mirrors. Just don’t think - it’s not some kind of magical rite.

The essence of this method is actually very simple. When drilling, the reflection of the drill and the drill itself must be on the same line.

In most cases, the result is acceptable, but not ideal. Slight deviations from the vertical axis may be.

But it should be noted that when using a mirror, the result is much better than when drilling by eye.

How else to drill a hole at a right angle

In addition to the "trick" with a mirror, there is another simple way, how to drill a hole clearly at an angle of 90 degrees at home.

To do this, you will need two wooden bars (preferably 50 * 50 mm), which form a right angle.

See also: how to make a simple drill stand for electric drill.

We rest the drill in the bars and drill a hole. The result in this case is much better than with a mirror.

For a detailed review, see the video on our website.