Cardboard Christmas House

New Year holidays must be spent with children. And so that fun is also beneficial, it is worth doing New Year's crafts.
A house made of thin cardboard looks very original and interesting. It can be decorated with a wide variety of shiny tinsel. And you can fix tiny branches of evergreen trees on the facade.

  • thin cardboard;
  • glue;
  • double sided tape;
  • twigs (spruce, juniper, cypress);
  • paints.

The process of making a Christmas house

We draw blanks for the house on cardboard with a simple pencil. After the line will need to be washed.

The detail of the roof is a rectangle. Dimensions: 12x8. The frame of the house itself can be made one piece, if the dimensions of the cardboard sheet allow this. Otherwise, the workpieces are divided along the fold line. This will be the corner of the house. You can assemble a house and of four parts - one for each wall. Only in this case, do not forget to finish the valve for gluing. Two sides of the house are squares (6x6). They alternate with the walls on which the triangle of the roof is on top. Its height is 2 cm.

Cut out.

Erase all pencil lines. We bend the blanks at the corners of the house.

We glue.

On a double-sided tape, glue a window blank to one of the walls. This is a square with rounded corners.

We glue the roof, after bending it in the middle.

With paints, we draw tiles on the house, logs on the walls, window frame, glass.

Apply a bit of glue to the roof spot. Sprinkle on top with sparkles or small pieces of rain.

We attach green twigs to the facade of the house. This can be done using double-sided tape and paper-cut snowflakes of suitable size.