Macrame Bracelet

Once I decided to make a macrame bracelet with diagonal knots. But I wanted the part of the rhombus, where the central bead is located, to be filled with a pattern.

You will need:
1 mm thread: 2 lengths of 1.5 m and 1 length of 1.3 m.

We will make a single canopy on the ring of a segment of 1.3 m. I had this ring with a diameter of 1 cm.
Then, on the edges of the thread, we also make a single canopy of a piece of thread 1.5 m long. The photo shows that around the 1st yellow thread, a knot is wound with a 2nd green thread.

3. Similarly, make the knot the 3rd blue thread around the 1st yellow;
4th white thread around 2nd green;

Here is the result:

4. The turn of beads came. A bead of 7 mm diameter (yellow in the photo, but green is better) is strung on thread No. 4, marked in white. The yellow thread is wound under the bead to the left - this is important! Blue lays down on top of white.
5. Around the blue thread is a knot of white thread from left to right. It is similar to a knot from right to left, only the direction of the threads is vice versa. The photo shows what happened.

Further on the photo it is seen that around the yellow thread a knot is made with green thread from right to left.

6. Around the yellow thread we form a knot with a blue thread from right to left.

7. String on the extreme threads (marked in purple and black) orange beads. We start the black thread towards the center, and around it we knot the knots with the 4th white and 3rd blue threads.

8. That's what happened. As a result, 2 side threads remained in the center: purple and black. Around the purple, we tie the knot with black thread from right to left.

9. This is what happened. Now around the purple thread we make knots, first the 3rd blue, then the 4th white.

10. We do the same on the other hand. Around the black thread we make the knot yellow and green thread.

11. That's what happened. Now we finish the element of the bracelet: around the yellow thread we make the knot blue.

12. Next, we form a bracelet, repeating the steps from 2 points. Next, rivet the clasp.
You can also use this bracelet as a cat collar.