Christmas tree decoupage

Today we will study a detailed master class on making Christmas tree decorations using decoupage technique.
What we need for this:
• Two foam hearts;
• Two napkins for decoupage: one with New Year's deer, and the second with horses;
• White acrylic paint;
• Acrylic glossy varnish for decoupage;
• PVA glue;
• Two bowls;
• Brush for decoupage;
• Foam sponge;
• Spangles liquid and dry;

Let's start, pour white acrylic paint in one plate, take a sponge and apply the first layer of paint, first on one side of each heart, and then on the back of the hearts. Give time to dry for about 30-40 minutes on each side.

When the first layer has dried, we now paint the heart with a second layer on both sides. Leave for a while already somewhere around an hour. While the hearts are drying, prepare napkins for decoration. We have napkins measuring 25 * 25 cm, we need half a napkin, so you can immediately take half a napkin.

In the second plate, we dilute the same amount of PVA glue and water, mix well, we get an adhesive mixture that glues a napkin to the surface. The hearts have dried, now we apply napkins to the hearts and cut off the fragments we need.

We attach a picture with a horse and a brush for decoupage, we start from the center to paste the picture. Gently twist the edges and grease.

Let it dry on the side on which the napkin was applied and turn it over to the other side, take the second fragment with the horse and glue the second picture, as in the photo. Where napkins are not completely enough, you can add individual pieces and stick with a brush.

Let the second side dry. In the same sequence, decorate the second heart with a napkin with deer. Now we will cover the hearts with acrylic varnish. We apply the first layer with a brush, give time to dry, then the next layer and so on, only 4-5 layers of varnish for decoupage. In the end, if desired, you can sprinkle hearts with dry sparkles, or decorate with liquid sparkles.