Octopus artist

To knit an octopus toy, you need to take 100 g of yarn of medium thickness of pink color, 50 g of the same quality yarn of violet color, floss thread or simple threads of white and black for eyes, red, bright pink for a smile and hook No. 3- four.
The body of an octopus.
1 row. We knit a chain of 2 air loops with a pink thread and close it in a ring; we knit a half-column in the first loop.

2-4 rows. We raise the knitting for a new row-2 air loops - and in all the loops of the previous row, two double crochets are knitted. Each row is closed with a half-column in the first loop and begins with a rise. The result is a spherical shape. This is the bottom of the toy.

5-15 rows. It is crocheted on a single crochet column in each loop of the fourth row, the row begins and ends in the same way as before. Knitting goes exactly in the form of a cylinder. The number of rows will determine the height of the toy body.

16-18 rows. Now there is a rounding of the crown, reduction of loops. One loop is drawn from two double crochet stitches; for this, both stitches are half knitted; on the hook there are three loops that are knitted with one thread.

Now you need to prepare a soft filler for the toy. It can be a synthetic winterizer, parallon, scraps of unnecessary fabric or cotton. If the first or second option is used, it is better to cut it into small pieces.

When one or two rows remain until completion, the toy is filled with packing and tied to the end.

1 row. A chain of 40 air loops is drawn with a pink thread.

2 row. After lifting, two double crochet stitches are sewn into each loop, this and the next row ends with one double crochet.

3 row. Rise, three double crochet in each loop.

4 row. A part is tied with a purple thread on one side, one half-column in each loop.

We twist the resulting part into a spiral. In total, 4 tentacles are made in this way.
Draw a pencil or small outline of the future face of the toy.

Now, with a thread of embroidery, eyes and a smile are embroidered with a smooth surface. You can also purchase plastic eyes for toys in the store, or cut them out of paper or felt and stick them on.

1 row. We collect two air loops with a violet thread, and, in the same way as at the beginning of the work, we close them in a ring.
2-4 rows. In each previous column, two double crochet.

5 row. Every two stitches are crocheted in a single crochet.

Beret is sewn on the crown in a circle, exactly or slightly to the side.

From below uniformly sewn paws. To reduce the number of knots, to assemble parts, you can use the same thread that remained after completing work on each part.

Our octopus is ready and can begin to work!