How to draw a horse on clothes

The New Year is approaching - the year of the Horse, and as a gift to myself, I decided to draw a shiny Horse on a T-shirt - a golden hoof.

Chalk on the image of the unicorn horse. Ideally, there should be 5 cm margins at the edges - because when the picture is borderless, the image does not look very good.
As a contour, I decided to use acrylic gold enamel (I took Maxima, manufacturer Polysan), bought in a building materials store. Why not a special fabric contour? Because enamels are 100 ml, and the contour is 20 ml, but it costs the same, and you rarely see a gold contour on sale - they’re immediately sold out. Since the enamel becomes stiff enough when applied, it will fit perfectly as a contour.
We take a small bottle from under the engine oil (here is the most convenient shape of the nozzle), draw a paint with a syringe and fill it with it.

Draw a golden outline.

After that, leave the shirt to dry for half an hour or an hour. It’s better not to drag the t-shirt, do not shift it to the battery, as the contour will be spread throughout the t-shirt.
Next, take the red paint over the fabric and apply with a thin brush. The horse's body was painted a little thinner and came out brighter, I tried to make the mane darker.

Also leave to dry, preferably on the battery. I added a sparkle to the paint and went through. Of course, they will crumble during washing, but for now let them shine.
After that, we fix the image with an iron.

That's what happened!