Christmas snowflake on the wall

We all look forward to the New Year holidays. Let's do home decoration. We will make a decoration for a New Year tree and a house - “New Year’s snowflake”. Such a snowflake can be hung on the wall, decorate it with a Christmas tree. Making it easy and simple.

For work, we need:
- Cocktail tubes.
- Colored tape.
- A piece of wire.
- Styrofoam.
- Scissors.
- Decorative rope.
- Pliers.
- A bit of imagination.
2. Cut the tubes into long and short parts.

3. We disassemble the foam into balls.

4. Tape pasted with colored tape.

5. Cut off a piece of wire with pliers. We string a long tube onto the wire, insert a foam ball, bend the wire with a slingshot.

6. String on both ends of the slingshot short tubes. Next, we make out the ends of the snowflake in two ways:

7. On top of the tubes we string along the foam ball, fix them, bending the wire with the letter "G".

8. We bend the ends of the wire towards each other, string a short tube on the ends.

9. We also act with the other end of the wire. We make such snowflake branches - four pieces.

10. Connect the branches of snowflakes with each other in the middle with a wire. We wrap a piece of wire around one of the branches, string a short tube, wrap the next branch with wire, and so on in a circle.

11. The snowflake is ready.

We attach a loop to the snowflake, for which it can be hung. You can change the color of a New Year’s snowflake using cocktail tubes, scotch tape - in different colors. Instead of foam balls, you can use beads, and replace the colored tape with adhesive paper. The size of the snowflake depends on the length of the tubes used. The snowflake pattern can be made the most diverse, experiment.